Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Megan's shoot

Last night I had a shoot with Megan. I brought in my trusty makeup artist Lori and hair stylist Alicia and got things rolling.

It was a fun shoot, and felt really relaxed. Everyone was getting along and having a genuinely good time. I love it when things flow like that. I just wish the studio was a little warmer in the winter... as did Megan.

A little advice to people shooting with me in the future... if you have an iPod, bring it with you with a playlist of your favorite songs. I had my iPod, but it died on me during the shoot. Boooo! Luckily my brand new iPhone came to the rescue to fill the air with tunes! Although I haven't had time to add many songs to it yet. Hope everyone liked Relient K!

Finished all of Megan's shots. Here they all are.

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