Monday, April 28, 2008

Comicon highlight

While it was fun meeting many colorful characters (see blog post below), the highlight of the convention was meeting 4 talented artists from the Philadelphia area. We chatted for a little while as I flipped though their many samples. They probably don't even remember me, but guys... if you're reading this, I was that guy with the t-shirt we all were trying to match spaceships to their corresponding movies. As seen here:

They each had their own unique style, and stuck in my mind as the 4 favorite artists I met that day. Here are their names, a sample of their work, and a link to their sites. Go check them out. They're great.

Dave Perillo

Tom Whalen

Scott Derby

Pat McMullen

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tom said...

hey jeff,

thanks for the plug and the kind words! we had a blast at that show! and yes, we remember you!