Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Struggle Within

After reading my friend Rachel's post on her blog, I found myself pondering about art, and the many ways I like to express it.

Many of you simply know me as a photographer... when in fact, that is just the latest outlet I have pursued to express art. I do love it, but there are many other art forms that I enjoy as well. (See the blog below about all that)

I love art, but yes, I need to find a balance. There just isn't enough time to do it all. (or at least at the same time) But I do find myself wanting to reincorporate some of my old skills into the mix again. Not that I will stop shooting photos, but now that I feel that I have given that enough time to grow, I feel it is ok, to dabble once again in illustration. So be on the look out for that in the future from time to time.

There are many different things that I would like to do in this life time. Here are a few in no particular order. If I get to them all... great! If not... oh well, I'm sure something else of a higher priority came in and I'd rather be doing that.

1. Design t-shirts, and purchase an at-home screen-printing kit to make them myself.

2. Illustrate a children's book, and maybe even write it! (I've colored one, but never drawn one)

3. Write and illustrate a small graphic novel (yes, a long comic book) I've written one already, but not sure if I want to tweak it or start over.

4. Purchase a video camera (one that can make it look like film) and then write, direct, edit, and do visual effects on my own short films

5. Write a symphony and create it through musical software. Maybe that can even be the soundtrack for my films!

6. Learn how to home brew beer. (Yes, that is still considered an art! It's just in fermented form)

7. Learn Flash and create short animated films

8. Actually take the time to fully learn how to play guitar. (as opposed to the sorry excuse for what I know now)

9. Create a collection of photos or illustrations and start doing some gallery shows

10. Write short stories, or maybe even a novel one day... although looking at how long this post is, I might be able to cross that one off my list already!

I'm sure there's tons more, but these are the ones I'm thinking about now.

So be warned world... you never know what I'll create.

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righteoustetris said...

Go, man, go! The world is your oyster. And sleeping is over-rated!

(I also want to do 2, 3, 6 and 9!)