Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Military Pin-up Shoot

I had the great opportunity of taking some photos of Gena last month. One of the things that made this shoot unique was that the photo shoot was a surprise Valentine's Day gift for her husband, who is currently deployed over seas.

Since Gena couldn't be with her husband on this day, she contacted me to use her Halloween military costume as the base for a pin-up themed shoot.

I have to say... when a woman books a shoot with the purpose of a surprise gift for her man, I think that is awesome! I think it is a unique gift and great idea, and I am honored to help out with such a personal gift for a couple.

I would have loved to post these sooner, but I had to wait for Gena to ship the prints to her man. Couldn't risk ruining the surprise if he saw them online first! Enjoy!

1 comment:

merlyn9 said...

Jeff - Love these Pin-Up shots!
Where are you getting your "bomb"(s) from?
Is that thing an inflatable? If not how light is it?
I suposse for the 'sitting on' shot, that's all Post work, you shot her on something else?