Friday, May 27, 2011

Wonder Woman photo used in Greek Comicon guide!

It's strange how things happen sometimes. I received an email earlier this year from one of the organizers of the Comicdom Con in Athens Greece. He was looking to use a particular photo that I had taken in the new guide that they hand out to everyone that attends the comicon.

The photo he wanted to use was of Wonder Woman, which just so happens to by my lovely wife Monica posing for the role... who is actually of Greek descent. We also happened to go to Greece for our honeymoon, so we have a very personal connection with it.

The image was used to help announce the Cosplay competition (when people wear costumes of characters from comic books, movies, cartoons, etc...) at the convention.

Below is the published image as it appeared, along side of the cover. I'll count this as one more fun accomplishment that I never saw coming! Hahaha.

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